Tata Steel 50000 Food Packet Jamshedpur

Tata Steel To Provide 50,000 Food Packets Daily To The Needy In Jamshedpur During COVID-19 Crisis Situation

Jamshedpur 30 March 2020: Tata Steel decided to distribute 50,000 food packets to the needy from today in Jamshedpur to feed the natives in COVID-19 crisis situation.

This decision was disclosed by M.L.A Saryu Roy’s tweet on 29th march at 03:00 Pm and later on a press release was also issued by Tata Steel.

As per M.L.A Saryu Roy’s tweet The V.P (C.S) of Tata Steel has assured him that Tata Steel will distribute 50,000 food packets daily from tomorrow onwards.

Yesterday Tata’s have announced a donation of Rs 15,00 Crores to help fight against coronavirus and now Tata Steel is all set to distribute 50,000 Food packets in the city to the needy.

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The company have also taken various initiative at the TMH to address COVID-19 crisis situation. The company is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is also ensuring regular communication with its stakeholders in and around Jamshedpur.

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  1. Well done Tatanagar
    (I feel proud to hv been born in Sakchi Jamshedpur.)
    My humble salute to JRD TATA and his successors . I love u all. Stay blessed.

  2. Sir Ratan Tata…..believe in giving…am also very happy that i am a part of this project as working in CSR… THANK YOU SIR FOR your support and love..

  3. S I r,
    You are the real Bharat Ratna from the heart of the Indian, and a living God who serve the people in every crisis. I feel proud that I was blessed by you ,still I can feel your touch. I want to work for TATA STEEL to serve the people.

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