Direct Flights From Jamshedpur To Kolkata & Patna Now From Sonari Airport

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Jamshedpur 31 July 2019:  Once again the Airline services of Jamshedpur are on the priority list of Airport Authority Of India.

Priyanka Sharma, A.A.I said that we are ready to start flight services from Jamshedpur, Bokaro, and Dumka and out of these 3 airports the work in Jamshedpur airport is almost finalized.

The flight services are supposed to start at Sonari Airport of Jamshedpur from October.

The Flights services which will be available at the Sonari airport are:

1.) Jamshedpur to Kolkata

2.) Jamshedpur To Patna

3.)Kolkata to Jamshedpur

4.) Patna to Jamshedpur

Earlier in February 2018, Flights were announced from Jamshedpur but were canceled because of few objections made by the A.A.I.

The objections which were made by A.A.I are:

1.) Visibility problem

2.) Runway Problem.

The visibility problem is now solved by cutting down trees at the border of Sonari Airport and the runway problem was for 18 seater flights as the A.A.I said that the runway is small for 18 seater flights so now 12 seater flights have been finalized which will be appropriate for Sonari runway.

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