Jamshedpur Traffic Jam

Jamshedpur Traffic Authorities Best In Fine Collection But Lacks Behind In Managing Traffic

Jamshedpur 10 July: Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum district) traffic authorities are best in collecting fines. When it comes to the fine collection they collect the highest fine in the entire state but when it comes to managing the traffic they lack behind.

Jamshedpur has 5,98,409 vehicles out of which 4,99,323 are bikes, 73,917 are cars and rest are public transport like bus and auto but we have only 128 people to handle this on the street.


The major reasons for the traffic problem in the city are:

  1. Less force as per the requirement
  2. Too many autorickshaws
  3. Only 1 parking space for Heavy Vehicles
  4. Busy roads of the market area being used for vehicle Parking.
  5. No Strategy For Managing Traffic.

1.)Less force as per the requirement

Yes, only 128 men to handle traffic of 12 Lakh people on the streets.

5 Traffic thana and 1 Traffic D.S.P is primarily focused on collecting fine.

Jamshedpur has 1071 sanctioned post for managing traffic but only 128 men are currently managing this job. 943 men still need to be hired/allocated for this post.

2.) Too many autorickshaws

There are as many as 24,000 autorickshaws running every day on the streets of Jamshedpur and almost 12,000 operate in the main areas like Bistupur and Sakchi.

There is no proper parking or stoppage for these autos in the city.

They pick up passengers from wherever they want and stop wherever they wish.

3.) Only 1 parking space for Heavy Vehicles

Burmamines Transport Parking is the only proper parking space for Heavy vehicles in the city. More than 10,000 heavy vehicles enter the city every day.

4.) Busy roads of the market area being used for vehicle Parking.

JNAC has recently announced more new parking slots in the market area like Kadma, Bistupur, and Sakchi.

5.)No Strategy For Managing Traffic.

We don’t see any proper strategy for managing the traffic problem in the city especially in the Mango and Sakchi area it is getting worse.

Nor we see any strategy for managing traffic in the peak hours or school hours.

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