Is Jamshedpur Trapped By Brown Sugar (Heroin) Mafias ?

Jamshedpur,8 JUL: A highly addictive drugs is now being sold in Jamshedpur and nearby area. This drug is being sold in areas of Adityapur which is being trafficked from Kolkata.

Brown sugar an adulterated form of heroin is now being sold in outskirts of Jamshedpur and spreading evil all over the city.

This trade of brown sugar came into light earlier when police found few youths with a small quantity of brown sugar in their vehicle during checking at traffic check posts. These youths were discharged with warning as the quantity was too little to file smuggling case.

Police later conducted several raids in Adityapur but were only able to get few packets and were only able to arrest trivial.

The police were doing their duty and the smugglers were doing their, but this matter came to limelight when a complainer was shot at Adityapur.

Bullets were fired on Sadar Sheik Yunus at Imli Bazaar, Adityapur around 08:00 pm on Saturday 6th July after he has complained against brown sugar business in his area. Fortunately, he was not hit by the bullets and police was able to get the bullet shells.

This drug is not only affecting the youths directly but it also have severe indirect evil effects on society. The addicts are indulged in theft and crime to fulfill their craving for drugs.

Many accused have accepted in their police statement that they have either done the crime under the influence of brown sugar or to get brown sugar.

This drug has now become a serious problem for the city. Study suggests that overuse of this drug can stop breathing and lead to death.

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