CBI Tata ranchi highway NH 33

C.B.I Flied F.I.R For Manipulation Of Rs 264 Crore In Tata Ranchi Highway

Jamshedpur 13 March: Veronika Lakda, S.P of C.B.I filed F.I.R in Tata Ranchi Highway NH33 construction project against a dozen of people.

This F.IR was filed by the anti-corruption wing of the C.B.I on Tuesday on alleged irregularities in the construction of the Ranchi – Jamshedpur highway by a private company under the supervision of National Highway Authorities Of India.

The C.B.I initiated the investigation after receiving the directives from the high court to investigate the inordinate delay in the construction of the National Highway 33.

In its complaint, the CBI named Ranchi Expressway CMD K.Srinivas Rao, director N. Seethaith and N.Prithviteja.

The F.I.R is also against companies Ranchi Expressway, Madhucon projects, Madhucon Infra, Madhucon Toll Highway and Kota & company, besides unnamed officials of a consortium of banks led by Canara Bank.

The investigation was ordered by the High court a year ago for which the F.I.R has now been finally lodged.

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