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Will Pandey Be Able To Resolve Issues Between Saryu Roy And Raghubar Das ?

Health Minister (Bihar) and Jharkhand Lok Sabha Election Incharge, Mangal Pandey will reach Ranchi on Tuesday and will have a meeting with Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das and Minister Saryu Roy.

The main agenda of this meeting will be to resolve the conflict between Raghubar das and Saryu Roy.

Earlier it was assured to Saryu Roy that Pandey will mediate between him and chief minister Raghubar das when Saryu Roy has filed resignation and had asked for guidance till 28th Feb.

Saryu Roy earlier met Mangal Pandey and discussed the problem faced by him.

Since the party came into power and formed a government in Jharkhand, the conflicts between the chief minister Raghubar Das and Minister Saryu Roy was clearly seen, will it be possible to harmonize the relationship between the two by this meeting.

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