Saryu Roy Inaugurated First Reverse Vending Machine In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 22 June 2018: Minister Saryu Roy inaugurated first public reverse vending machine in Jamshedpur.

What is a Reverse Vending Machine?

reverse vending machine is a machine that accepts used (empty) beverage containers and returns money or coupons to the user.

3 reverse vending machine was set up in Jamshedpur out of which one was inaugurated by minister Saryu Roy in Bistupur.

Mr. Roy not only inaugurated these machine but also showed the public how to use the machine by inserting two plastic bottles in the machine.

The reverse vending machine in Jamshedpur is used to destroy single-use plastic bottles and gives coupons in return.

The machines were installed at 3 different places in the city, One in Sakchi near Jama Masjid, 2nd in Bistupur Market and 3rd in Sitaramdera Bus Terminal by JNAC with the support of JUSCO.

Saryu Roy Reverse Vending Machine Jamshedpur

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