Why 16 Boys Of Same Locality In Jamshedpur Were Tested For HIV ?

Jamshedpur 12 April 2018: 16 Boys of the same locality were tested for HIV in Jamshedpur, All of them were of 20 years and above.

This test was conducted on Wednesday after civil surgeon, Dr. Maheswar Prasad instructed the health/inspection team to conduct the team in a particular locality of Jamshedpur.

It is being said that Dr. Maheswar Prasad was informed about increasing number of HIV cases in this part of the city.

As the team reached the locality they first inquired about the patients who were previously marked as HIV+ and after making a list of those people, the team conducted a test on 16 boys of age 20 and above.

Thankfully after the test, none of them were found HIV+. There were no new case of HIV and on looking at the list of people who were previously marked with HIV+, it was discovered that they were infected by this disease between 2002 – 2007


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