3 Men Attempt To Loot The House Of A B.J.P Politician In Jamshedpur

Men With Arms Tries To Loot The House In Bistupur Market

Jamshedpur, 4th March 2018: On the night of 3rd March, when the entire city was engaged in celebrating the birth anniversary of the founder and when Tata groups former chairman Ratan Tata was also in the city,

a group of 3 men tried to loot the house of a B.J.P politician, Hari Kishore at Q.no 23, M.Road Bistupur, Jamshedpur.

These three men wore a mask to cover their faces and carried gun and knife to conduct the loot.

As per Hari Kishore’s niece Sonali Priya, On Saturday night while she was cooking in the kitchen, a man pointed a gun from behind and asked her to keep quiet while threatening.

As she turned around, she saw three men whose face were covered with a mask and one of them carried a gun, and other two were holding a knife.

Sonali was astonished to see a group of guys with arms in his house, she was scared and before she could think of anything her elder brother and sister reached the kitchen.

On seeing these men with arms, they started shouting, and the whole family gathered up, and the looters were not left with any option but to run away.

The family tried to chase the gang but could not catch them.

Soon police were informed, and the entire area was searched thoroughly but no one was caught.

Soon after the incident, Minister Saryu Roy also reached the spot and said that this kind of incidents in the main area of the city is very disappointing.

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  1. So sorry politician also not safe in a posh area and also home town of respected chief minister than whats about general public

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