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Positive Indications To Start Airline Services From 15th February In Jamshedpur

A survey of Sonari Airport jointly by D.G.C.A, Air Deccan and a team of Tata Steel is considered to be a positive indication for airline services in Jamshedpur.

Update 16 Feb 2018: Airline Services Started in Jamshedpur, Check Latest Fare For Jamshedpur To Kolkata Flights

Jamshedpur 3 February 2018: On 8th January 2018, Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha instructed Air Deccan to start the airline services in Jamshedpur by 15th Feb 2018 and further delay would cancel the contract.

After this statement, Recently a team of Tata steel and D.G.C.A, Air Deccan have conducted a joint survey of the Sonari airport which indicates that the airline services will start soon in Jamshedpur.

The team not only survey the airport but also instructed to improve the lining of the runway, clearly pointed out the requirements for safe landing and provided necessary information about the primary facilities to be delivered to the customers.

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The aviation minister has previously announced that the airfare in Jamshedpur will be kept low under the Udaan Scheme,

Now, As per the Udaan scheme the customers have to pay an airfare of Rs 1400 for flying from Jamshedpur to Kolkata.

The Airfare is same on the reverse route


The air Deccan planes will take 40 minutes to travel from Jamshedpur to Kolkata and the same amount of time for flying back from Kolkata to Jamshedpur.

Seating Capacity

The air Deccan planes flying from Jamshedpur will have a seating capacity of 19 people out of which cabin crew reserves one seat and 18 will be available for the passengers.

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  2. I would suggest to start the flight to places far away from Kolkata which takes more time than 5 hrs by train. Check in takes a lot of time . So one would prefer to travel by train than by flight to close places like Kolkata.

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