Direct Flight From Jamshedpur To Kolkata

Direct Flight From Jamshedpur To Kolkata Which Was Supposed To Start By Sept. 2017 Will Now Start With Air Deccan

Direct Flight From Jamshedpur To Kolkata Will Start Before 15 February 2018

Update 16 February 2018: Airline Srvices started in Jamshedpur, Book Tickets for Jamshedpur To Kolkata Flights

Jamshedpur 10 Jan 2018 : Announcement for flight connectivity in Jamshedpur was made by the aviation minister Jayant Sinha  in 2017.

According to the previous announcement the airline service should have been started by September 2017 but it kept on delaying months after months.


On Tuesday , While addressing a press conference at Circuit House , Jamshedpur. Aviation minister Jayant Sinha said that direct flights from Jamshedpur to Kolkata will start Before 15th February 2018 or else the contract with Air Deccan will be cancelled .

As per the plan Air Deccan will now start flight with capacity of 19 passangers which will connect Jamshedpur to Kolkata.

Rules have also been made to keep the Airfare Low, Government has also proposed subsidies to support this.

The airline services in Jamshedpur will be further improved and flights with capacity of 40 -42 will be available after some upgradation in Sonari Airport.

After This Flights connecting Dhanbad, Bokaro and kolkata will also start.

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  1. Are bhai tata to kolkata kon jata hai flights se jabki din bhar tata se kolkata ke liye train available hai start kar bhi hai to long distance start karo ki travellers tyar ho plane se Jane ke liye jaise ki delhi Mumbai patna pune banglore pehle bhi tata to kolkata ka scheme flop ho chuka hai

    • Aapka kehna sahi hai par is baar ye flights Udaan Scheme ke andar chalayi jayengi, jisse ki unka fare kafi low rahega , aur kolkata – jamshedpur me success milne ke baad connecting flights bhi chalane ki yojna hai

  2. What about the luggage? I mean how much amount of luggage we can carry in this flight?
    Suppose I start journey from Dubai and end my journey to Jamshedpur. So in Dubai to Kolkata flight we can carry 30 kg luggage, can we carry the same luggage in this flight or we have to pay any extra amount for luggage?

    • Different airlines provide different luggage limit and luggage limit is not same for international and domestic flights , anything about the luggage has not been disclosed yet, But we expect it to be around 20 kg.

    • The aviation minister has already order to do it fast and also given a deadline of 15th february , hope we see jamshedpur flying by that time

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