Patient In M.G.M Hospital To Get 250 ml Milk , 200 gm Rice and 70gm Dal

M.G.M Patient Will Now Get More Food Than They Used To Get Earlier.

Milk increased From 200ml – 250ml , Rice From 150gm – 200gm and Dal from 60gm – 70 gm

Jamshedpur 5 January 2017 : Patients at M.G.M hospital will now get more food than they use to get earlier.

Earlier Each patient use to get only 200ml of milk ,150gm rice and 60gm Dal but now these patient will get 250 ml milk,200gm rice and 70gm Dal.

This new diet chart has been applicable from 1st January 2018 in M.G.M , Tender has been issued to get better supplier.

Government has taken steps to improve the diet in M.G.M hospital but on the other hand there is no dietician in M.G.M since last one year, It has been now one year the post of dietician is still vacant in M.G.M hospital Jamshedpur.

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