Niranjan Singh Murder Caught Live On CCTV : 2 Arrested

Niranjan Singh Shot Dead In Sakchi , Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, 20 December 2017 : Niranjan Singh a.k.a Yuvraj Singh a residence of Jugsalai was murdered on Tuesday 19 December at 05:45 pm on Tuesday In Sakchi Jamshedpur.

Niranjan Singh was a leader Of AJSU (youth) and President of Tigers Club Jamshedpur.

Niranjan Singh was called to sakchi on tuesday evening, Niranjan Singh reached sakchi alone around 05:42 pm and was waiting for someone beside nagarmal mall on his moped, Silently a shooter came from behind and from a very close distance shot bullet on his head from behind and then shot another bullet on him as he fell down and again shot bullet when a person tried to stop him and ran away.


After the firing , Niranjan was brought to M.G.M hospital where he was declared dead.

Niranjan Parents suspect Niraj Dubey, Alamgir and Arif of this murder as their son Nirajan was earlier threaten by Niraj Dubey. Till now police have made 2 arrest in this case.

Neeranjan Murder Jamshedpur

Nirajan has earlier worked with Niraj Dubey and his cousin Pankaj Dubey. Niranjan was also jailed with Pankaj dubey for six month in saraikela jail in extortion case.

After Niranjan’s death Pankaj Dubey visited M.G.M with his supporters but while coming out of M.G.M he was attacked by a mob who have came to see Niranjan and were angry and frustrated on his death news. Police somehow managed to safeguard Pankaj dubey and sent him safely out of the hospital.

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