Mad Dog Bites 6 In Mango, Jamshedpur

Mad Dog Bites More Than Half Dozen People In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 11 December 2017 : Mad Dog Bites more than half dozen people in Road No 1, Sankosai, Dimna Road, Mango Jamshedpur On 10th December.

On sunday many were bitten by a mad dog in sankosai, This dog not only troubled the pedestrian but also the people who travelled in bikes or bicycle.

This mad dog bit a lady travelling on a motorcycle with her relative, the dog not only bite her but also made her fall down of the bike , In another scenario the dog bit a guy  who was moving on in his bicycle.

citizens of Sankosai became frustrated and at last they were left with no option but killing the dog,

People gathered up together encircled the dog and killed him to protect themselves and their families.

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