pankaj thakur murdered

Pankaj Thakur Murdered By His Own Friend, Body Found In Ranchi

Pankaj Thakur Murdered , Pankaj who was missing since last few days was found in Tamra Ghati, Dasham Fall , Ranchi

Jamshedpur, 15 November 2017 : Pankaj Thakur who was missing since last few days was murdered by his own friend and business partner Uday Choudhry.

Deepak Mahato, Moni Das , Mahesh Mishra and Uday Choudhry shots bullets one by one on Pankaj Thakur.

Uday Choudhry was the master mind of this murder, His planning was inspired by famous bollywood movie “Drishyam”.Uday choudhry and others drank with Pankaj Thakur on many different location so that they can easily misguide the police and even threw acid on his face so that the body couldn’t be identified. According to the plan his bike was  thrown in a corner of the city and his cellphone was to be thrown in kolkata.

As per the plan on 31st October,

Uday Choudhry and others drank with Pankaj on different locations and then took him to highway, here they shot bullets on him near chandil and then threw his body in Tamara ghati, Dasham Fall, Ranchi.

One of their friend assisted them for throwing pankaj’s cell phone in Gyaneshwari express train, though this guy Sumit Mishra was instructed to go kolkata and throw the cellphone there but after waiting many hours in the station he threw the cell phone on Gyaneshwari express train which was later on recovered by the police after a lady took it.

Jamshedpur Police has very wisely solved this mysterious case.




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