Police Officer Arrested While Taking Bribe In Jharkhand

Police Inspector Arrested In Jharkhand While Taking Bribe Of Rs 25,000

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Jamshedpur,7 November 2017 : Anti Corruption Bureau Has Arrested A Police Inspector On Wednesday In Chainpur,Palamu.

Kanak Bhushan Dwivedi was arrested in his own police station in chainpur while taking a bribe of Rs 25,000 by the Anti Corruption Bureau (A.C.B)

S.P Of Anti Corruption Bureau, Manoj Kumar said that Kanak Bhushan demanded bribe of Rs 25,000 from circle inspector Kadir Ansari to make changes in the case section of his diary.

Kadir reported the matter to the A.C.B and they caught his red handed while taking bribe in his own police station. Police Inspector Kanak Bhushan was presented in a special court from where he was sent to jail.


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