Vedanta Resources, A Global Mining Company To Invest Rs 1000 Crore in Jharkhand.

 Founder Of Vedanta Resources ,Anil Agarwal To Invest Rs 1,000 Crore In Iron Ore Mining And Steel Plant In Jharkhand



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Jamshedpur,30 October 2017 : Anil Agarwal Of Vedanta Resources To Invest Rs 1,000 Crore In Jharkhand . Company Has Already Purchase 110 Acres Of Land.

Anil Agarwal , Founder Of Vedanta Resources said that they will invest Rs1,000 Crore in Jharkhand . This include an iron ore mining project and an integrated Steel Plant.Agarwal, who hails from the region, said the project will mark his entry into steel. It will also complete Vedanta's metals portfolio that includes aluminium, zinc, copper and lead. 

Sharing his plans for the state, Agarwal said India, and Jharkhand in particular, is endowed with some of the best quality iron ore reserves. “We have to develop these resources with due forest and environment safeguards. This way we create jobs within the country instead of using up precious foreign exchange for imports of natural resources,” 

The Project requires 430 acres of land , some 11o acres of land has already been purchased .Also, the government is in the process of allotting 41 acres of land it owns. 

As per one of the compnay officials the initial project will cost around Rs 2500 Crore.

Anil Also appreciated the Chief Minister By Saying  “We will invest nearly Rs 10,000 crore in Jharkhand. The state has immense potential to develop and the chief minister, Raghubar Das, is leading the way,” 

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