Politician Raja Peter And A.S.I Sheshnath Arrested In Ranchi

Ex-Minister Raja Peter And A.S.I Sheshnath Arrested In Murder Case Of M.L.A Ramesh Singh Munda

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Jamshedpur,9 October 2017 : The NIA (National Investigation Agency) Has Arrested Politician Gopal Krishna Peter (Raja Peter) And Sheshnath Singh (Security Officer Of Ramesh Singh Munda) After Investigation.

It is being said that the NIA also sealed his house and both of them are being inquired . It is being said that the police will produce Raja Peter in Court Today.

Police also said that Sheshnath Singh who was appointed as security of Ramesh Singh Munda gave information about his activities to the naxal after which the naxals murdered M.L.A Ramesh Singh.



Earlier NIA also raided various house and business of Raja Peter to arrest him.

Raja peter gained popularity after he won against Chief Minister Shibu soren by 9062 in 2009 elections. It was the first case in Jharkhand when a politician has won against chief minister.

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