Poster Launch Of Jamshedpur-Produced Telefilm, Kannaki

Jamshedpur 28th July 2021: The epic Tamil poem, ‘Silappathikaram’ has been adapted into a telefilm which will soon be released on the OTT platform whose poster was released online today. 

The celluloid representation is named ‘Kannaki’ and attempts to portray the way society perceives love. 

The venture has been produced by Pooja Agarwal, director of The Dance Studio based in Sakchi. 

“The novel feature about fiction is that we have attempted to look at life through the eyes of death, giving a philosophical touch to values ​​and human thought processes”, Pooja said.

The film has been shot in and around Jamshedpur capturing the rural atmosphere to add zip to the story’s narrative.

Locals include Daiguttu, the ground behind Gagidih Jail, the confluence of rivers at Narva River, Dobo Village, Sonari, Kadma, Gamhariya, and other places. Deepak Dev of Bollywood has scripted and directed the telefilm, ‘Kannaki’. 

Cinematographer Mohammad Rashid Iqbal and music director Dipanjan Roy have brought life to the story of the film. 

Priti Suman’s lyrics have been rendered by upcoming playback singer Avinash Mukhi.

The postproduction work is done by Vikas, Prakash, and Pragya from VPRA Entertainment.

The lead pair of the film consists of veteran and renowned actors Sanjay Dutt and Sneha George, which includes Ashish Kumar, Nikhil Dubey, Ravinder Kaur, Akash Poddar, Rajesh Das, Avinash Sharma, Prince Rashid, Smriti Priya, and others.

However, the poster has been designed by Prince Rashid.

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