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Jamshedpur’s Talented Youth Released A New Album – Dosti

Jamshedpur 7 April 2020: Jamshedpur youth released new album named Dosti.

‘Dosti’: A music video which will take you on a nostalgic ride of your innocent childhood friendship

With lockdown and people having a hard time to pass time within their homes, a group of talented young artists from Jamshedpur have released a music video which will take you on a nostalgic trip to the best memories we have of our childhood which we had spent in our school. The favourite memories which we have of school might not be of all the classes that we attended but definitely of the time we spent with our friends. From sharing tiffins, to bunking classes and pulling off mischievous pranks with our friends are the memories that bring a smile on our faces whenever we recall our school life. Saurabh Prakash a.k.a RSP has written and recorded the vocals of this song. The music track of the song has been created by Shubhum Kumar a.k.a Dromme. The video has been directed and edited by Aman Prakash. Aman says that he got involved in this project because when he first heard the lyrics he could immediately recall all the memories he had with Saurabh and his other friends in school. The screenplay of this song is based on all the sweet memories which they have unknowingly created in their school life and which we all have also lived it at some point of time in our school lives. Aman is grateful to Mrs Pragya Singh, principal of DAV Public School, Bistupur for allowing them to shoot in the the school from where Saurabh and he has completed their schooling. It was an emotional moment for them to go back to their school and recall all the memories, film them and present them in a form of a music video to ignite the same feeling within all their viewers which they had experienced when they first entered school after so many years of passing out from there. They had planned to release this video in the month of May as they had a schedule planned for its promotion but opted to pre-release it as they felt it was their duty as artists to make people happy even when they are facing lockdown and are unable to go anywhere by making them recall one of the best times of one’s lives. They hope that this video will make the viewers reach out to their old friends and refresh their bond of friendship. This video stars four students from standard five of DAV Public School, Ishaan Suman, Adarsh Aryan, Tameem Gaddi and Pranay Raj as leads. Shrenya Soni, Shubham Khirwal, Shubham Gulati and Rajdeep Singh have also acted flawlessly in this video.

The video was released today on 7th April on their youtube channel RSP. The link of the video is .


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