New Eco Tourism Camp Near Dimna Lake Jamshedpur – Rs 99 Lakh Will Be Spent

New Eco Tourism Camp Near Dimna Lake Jamshedpur

Rs 99 Lakh/- Will Be Spent By Tourism Department

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Jamshedpur, 4 December 2017 :  Eco Tourism Camp Near Dimna Lake Jamshedpur will be constructed by spending Rs 99 lakh and by using 0.47 acres of land in Bonta village near dimna lake

0.47 Acres of land in Bonta village, near Dimna Lake have been marked for this new eco tourism camp .

Zonal officer has already sent his survey report and marked area to the Land Reform Officer of Dhalbhumgarh

In this report he has marked an area of 0.47 acres which comes under Bonta Thana.

For this Project the tourism department will provide a fund of Rs 99 Lakh.

This eco tourism camp will have huts, fishing zone, cycling zone, adventure trekking and many other attractions.

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  1. That’s wonderful news. However we Encourage cruelty in the form of fishing? All fishing lakes/spots eventually start to emit foul odor besides, the fishing lines carelessly left behind are going to be hazardous to other wildlife especially birds 🙁
    Can add cycling trails, a special hut from where visitors can watch birds who come by for a drink/to eat, add different types of flora which would attract butterflies, and fireflies, children’s playground with “outward bound” type of activities, hammocks just outside the huts, lake tours/on land walks with activity trails like herbs, fruits, elephant watch etc

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