Double Down Pub By Dayal Group Is Opening On Friday In Jamshedpur

Double Down Pub By Dayal Groups Is All Set To Start This Friday.

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Jamshedpur,2 November 2017 : Jamshedpur is a very literate city with a population of modern mindset.

The city is getting new universities , shopping Malls but it always lacked behind in terms of youth attractions and night life . There is merely any attraction for youth in this city of literate population. Recently few hookah parlours have opened but nothing yet for the big boys.

But now after Dayal Groups has announced a new pub in the city , The void is fulfilled, The New Pub in the city will be the only attraction for the adult youth .

Double Down is all set to open up on Friday 3rd November, This new pub is located in OM tower, Bistupur.

Double Down will be spacious, the disco-cum-pub sprawling over 4,000sqft.

Double Down will charge Rs 800 for couple entry ,Rs 600 for stags and girls . These exclude food and beverage charges. Singh said the rates could be revised after analysing the response.

Their will be different entry rules , one day a week will be reserved only for ladies and two days will be reserved for couples , The rest four days will be for couple as well for stags

Calcutta-based DJs Trisha and Navneet will be regulars at Double Down along with steel city-based DJ Amit.

The pub has also decided to keep a monthly special event by inviting DJs from metros and other celebrities.

The pub will also have bouncers and lady security guards. Under civic laws, the pub will close at 11pm. On special occasions, the management will seek permission to extend hours from the district administration.

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