Saryu Roy

People’s Academy High School became Hi-Tech, Saryu Rai launched website

Jamshedpur 4th July,2020: The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown has impacted the student’s education. Due to COVID it has become impossible for school to take regular classes and this is taken as a challenge by the schools and we have seen a positive change. Private schools are sharing their activities and useful information through their website. Now, the government school does the same.

Saryu Rai,  M.L.A of Jamshedpur East has launched the website of People’s Academy High School at New Bawadri, East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur. This is the second governement High School in the district who launched their website.

The students will get a quality education just because of the effort of their teachers. They hoped most of the academic work will be done through this website.

Thus, the educational institutions have proved that education can be exchanged even from a distance.

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