DC Ordered To Make Transparent Lottery For Admission & Start Bus Service In All Schools Of Jamshedpur

DC Ordered To Start Bus Service Within 2 Months In All Schools Of Jamshedpur.

DC Ordered To Make The Lottery System Transparent.

Jamshedpur 23 December 2017 : DC held a meeting with Principal and management of 64 schools on thursday in the presence of S.S.P Anup T Mathew, S.D.O Madhvi Mishra, D.S.E Bake Bikhari Singh and many more officers .

DC ordered all private school to make the admission system transparent. He instructed to conduct a transparent lottery system and record the lottery process and names of applicant in a CD so that the admission system in the entry level can be made more transparent.

He further said that an enquiry can also be set if the parents complaints against a particular school regarding the admission of their child.

DC ordered to conduct admission through a transparent admission lottery system. he instructed to accept applicants  from 10th – 17th January and announce the result on 28th January 2018.

Regarding Admission it was also instructed to select the application of those candidate who resided within 3km of  school premises in the first list the second list may have candidate residing upto 5km. For Poor and backward caste it may be consider upto 6km.

A discussion was also made on the fees of OBC children, Admission Fees & School Fees Of O.B.C children will be paid by the government. Right Now Government is already ready to pay Rs475 per BPL students but the private school has refused to accept it and filed a case in high court. DC instructed the schools to take the amount till the judgement of the high court.

DC also ordered to start bus service in Jamshedpur

DC also ordered the principal and management to start bus service within 2 months in all private schools of jamshedpur.

S.S.P also supported D.C on this , He brought forward all the points for the necessity of school bus in Jamshedpur. He said that the whole city has to face traffic problems during the begnining and end of classes in private schools. Moreover he also pointed out towards the safety of the child which is being compromised by overloaded auto rickshaw and vans.

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