Rs 6 Crore Building Constructed Only On Papers – Jharkhand Education Department

A New Scam Of Rs 6 Crore Under Jharkhand Education Department.

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Jamshedpur,6 October 2017 : Rs 6 Core Was Spent for construction which can only be seen on papers.

Jharkhand East Singhbhum District Education Department has spent Rs 6 crore and the construction is now only visible on papers. 

A new scam is discovered in the district education department of East Singhbhum , Jharkhand , In the first phase it is discovered that the Rs6 crore was spent for the construction of rooms but no construction was done , it has been a collusion of the entire department and school management which has made such a big scam .

The school management committee and Engineer has submitted the work completion report but have not submitted the Measurement Book (MB) yet.



When investigation started in the absence of measurement book  than it was discovered that wrong report was submitted by some officials of education department .

 District Education Superintendent , Bakey Bihari said that if work is done then submit the measurement report within a week or he will file an F.I.R against the officials,


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