Raghubar Das : Congress Instructed Christian Missionaries For Religion Conversion

Chief Minister Raghubar Das Attacked Christian Missionaries And Congress In Gumla   To Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here. Jamshedpur,23 October 2017 : Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das Accused Missionaries For Conversion . Raghubar Das “People Say That Jesus Will Change Their Life  But Here Life Of Church Is Changed” In Badri village, Dumka Chief […]

Champai Soren: Chief Minister insulted Martyrs, Shaheed Bhawan to be Purified

 Champai Soren : Raghubar Das insulted Shaheed Bhawan , Entered Shaheed Bhawan with Shoes To Download Tatanagar Live Android App Click here. Please Update OLD Tatanagar Live Android APP to receive Daily Notification and News Jamshedpur, 4 January 2017 :  In his speech in Uparbeda Maidaan, Champai Soren targeted and accused Chief Minister Raghubar Das. Champai […]