IMA Doctors Protests Against “Mixopathy”, OPD Remained Shut In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 12th Dec, 2020: Outpatient Department (OPD) remained shut across the country on Friday on the call of the Indian Medical Association(IMA). Its impact was also seen in Jamshedpur.  However, the OPD of some hospitals was opened on Friday from 9 am -11 am but after that, representatives of the IMA Jamshedpur branch gave the […]

Vile Exhausted. Corona Test By Trunet Machine Stopped In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 9th Dec, 2020: Trunet Machine, which provides corona test reports every hour is now shut  in Jamshedpur due to the unavailability of the Viral Transport Medium (VTM) kit. All VTM kit has finished in Jamshedpur The corona probe has been completely stalled by the Trunet machine for the last three days in Jamshedpur. At the […]

Purnima neutrally

Free Eye Check-up Camp Arranged By Purnima Netralaya Today

Jamshedpur 6th Dec, 2020: Today a free eye examination cum cataract operation camp  has been arranged by Super Specialist Eye Hospital, Purnima Netralaya Jamshedpur. There is free arrangement from eye examination to operation. Many specialists doctors are giving their service in this camp, so interested city dwellers must join this camp and take advantage of it. A […]

Jamshedpur Plasma Donation

Jamshedpur Ranks First In Plasma Donation In The Entire State

Jamshedpur 16th Oct, 2020: Jamshedpur has achieved first position in the plasma donation campaign in Jharkhand. People are coming forward to donate plasma. So far, 165 people have donated plasma in the city. Earlier, Ranchi was at the first place in plasma donation. So far, 149 people have donated plasma. In Jamshedpur, 67 people have donated a […]

Free Corona Test Jamshedpur COVID19

Free COVID-19 Test In These 11 Camps Of Jamshedpur Today

Jamshedpur 31 August 2020: Jharkhand government (Health Department) has set up 11 camps for free COVID-19 test in East Singhbhum for today 31st August 2020. 51 people are put up in 11 camps in East Singhbhum For Free COVID-19 test. Health Minister Banna Gupta has also informed about this free camp on social media: Free […]


Hospital Are Running Out Of Bed In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 28 August 2020: Since last few weeks almost all hospitals of Jamshedpur are running out of bed. Both COVID and non-COVID patients are facing this problem. Almost all beds in city’s hospital have been occupied by COVID positive patients, patients with other disease are suffering more. Yesterday,A 78-years-old resident of Parsudih named Manoranjan Boss […]

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Jamshedpur Ranks First In Country In Death Due To Respiratory Disease

Jamshedpur 23rd Aug, 2020: Jamshedpur has the highest number of deaths due to respiratory diseases like pneumonia, asthma, diarrhea, malaria, dengue, and TB. A total of 18.6%  death are reported in the city due to respiratory disease. Jamshedpur is the first state in the country that is dying the most due to breathing  diseases. Respiratory diseases are […]

Jamshedpur Death

Jamshedpur COVID-19 Update: Corona Kills 6 In Jamshedpur and 116 New Positives

Jamshedpur 7th Aug, 2020: The death toll for Corona is increasing steadily. On Thursday, six corona patients died in Jamshedpur while 116 new positives were found. Out of 6 people, 4 are from the city, and one is a resident of Dhanbad and other from West Bokaro. The four patients  died at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) […]

Brahmanand Hospital

Brahmanand Hospital Shut After Several Nurses And Doctors Found Positive

Jamshedpur 6th Aug, 2020: A dozen of nurses and health workers, including three doctors at the Brahmanand Narayana Hospital in Tamulia, have been found corona positive. Due to this, BNH is now shut. Because of this, the recruitment of new patients in the hospital has been stopped. Also, patients admitted from earlier are not being discharged. Presently […]