Champa Kumari Of Jharkhand To Be Honoured With Diana Award In Britain

Download Our Android App: Tatanagar Live Jamshedpur 28 July 2019: Champa Kumari of Giridih, Jharkhand will be honored with Diana award in Britain. Champa Kumari name is now listed in The Diana Award 2019 Champa resides in Jamdar village and studies in Utkramit Uchh Vidhyalya, Jamdar in Girdih district of Jharkhand. Champa will get this award for […]

PM Awas

12973 Applications Shortlisted For PM Awas – You Can Still File Application

Download Our Android App: Tatanagar Live Jamshedpur 25 July 2019: Finally JNAC disclosed the list of applicants who were shortlisted for PM Awas Yojna. A huge crowd gathered at JNAC office to see their name in the list. A total of 15,991 applications were submitted for PM Awas Yojna in Jamshedpur out of which 12,973 […]

Donald Trump Made More Than 9,000 False Claims In Last Two Years

Download Our Android App: Tatanagar Live Jamshedpur 23 July 2019: Donald Trump, President of the United States has continued his proclivity for making dubious, misleading or false statements. He also often repeats the same debunked claims even though they have been fact-checked. It’s hard to keep up with all of Trump’s rhetoric, so the Fact Checker […]

Rambabu Tiwari Demanded Not To Give Ticket To Minister Saryu Roy

Download Our Android App: Tatanagar Live Jamshedpur 14 July 2019: B.J.P politician Rambabu Tiwari demanded not to give the ticket to Saryu Roy from Jamshedpur West by posting his views on Facebook which was supported by 58 comments yesterday. The post was made from an account named “Ram Babu Tiwari Fan Club”. He further claims that […]

Is Jamshedpur Trapped By Brown Sugar (Heroin) Mafias ?

Jamshedpur,8 JUL: A highly addictive drugs is now being sold in Jamshedpur and nearby area. This drug is being sold in areas of Adityapur which is being trafficked from Kolkata. Brown sugar an adulterated form of heroin is now being sold in outskirts of Jamshedpur and spreading evil all over the city. This trade of brown sugar […]

Tata Motors to lead transition towards electric vehicles: N Chandrasekaran

Tata Motors is committed to leading the transition towards electric mobility in the country and it looks to closely work with other group entities to create a viable environment for green vehicles, group chairman N Chandrasekaran said. Chandrasekaran in the Tata Motors’ Annual Report for 2018-19 said that electric vehicles are necessary for India. “Your company is […]

CBI Tata ranchi highway NH 33

C.B.I Flied F.I.R For Manipulation Of Rs 264 Crore In Tata Ranchi Highway

Jamshedpur 13 March: Veronika Lakda, S.P of C.B.I filed F.I.R in Tata Ranchi Highway NH33 construction project against a dozen of people. This F.IR was filed by the anti-corruption wing of the C.B.I on Tuesday on alleged irregularities in the construction of the Ranchi – Jamshedpur highway by a private company under the supervision of […]

raghubar das saryu roy

Will Pandey Be Able To Resolve Issues Between Saryu Roy And Raghubar Das ?

Health Minister (Bihar) and Jharkhand Lok Sabha Election Incharge, Mangal Pandey will reach Ranchi on Tuesday and will have a meeting with Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das and Minister Saryu Roy. The main agenda of this meeting will be to resolve the conflict between Raghubar das and Saryu Roy. Earlier it was assured to Saryu […]

Jamshedpur Google Employe

A Guy Of Jamshedpur Bagged Salary Of Rs 50 Lakh At Google Through Online Competition

Jamshedpur 26 July 2018: Jamshedpur born Shishir bags a whooping salary of Rs 50 Lakh/ annum at Google. Shishir is placed as Project Manager in Google. Shishir got this Job by participating in an international online competition organised by google, though 5 candidates were shortlisted earlier from India but Shishir was finally selected. Shishir did […]