Shifting Work In Sakchi Vending Zone Starts From Today By JNAC

Jamshedpur 19th Jan, 2021: The Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee has started the process of shifting the footpath shopkeepers to the vending zone near Sakchi Jubilee Park. The measuring of the vending zone land will be done on Wednesday. However, 52 carts and skulls will be shifted from the roadside and shifted. After the scale, all […]

Explosion In Tata Steel, Two Employees Scorched

Jamshedpur 19th Jan, 2021: Two employees scorched in a massive blast at the Tata Steel Company campus on Monday at 12.30 pm. These include a supervisor and an employee. At the same time, two employees were moderately injured by Hot Metal. Theu returned to work after first aid. According to the staff present on the […]

Air Force Registration Has Been Started

Jamshedpur 18th Jan, 2021: Registration for Airman Recruitment (Star On-line Examination) has been started in the Indian Air Force. Registration has been running since January 2 and will run until January 20 Whereas the online examination for recruitment will be from 19th to 23rd March. Air Force Wing Commander Ravi Ahlawat met Deputy Commissioner Ravi […]

FSL Team Took Finger Print From Hotel Ginger

Jamshedpur 18th Jan, 2021: FSL and fingerprint experts arrived from Ranchi to investigate the death of 44-year-old Dr. Ganana Prakash Jayaram, a resident of Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, in room number 311 of Hotel Ginger under Bishtupur police station. The team examined room number 311 and the car. A day before his death he went to […]

Arjun Munda Got Skotch Award From The Central Tribal Ministry

Jamshedpur 17th Jan, 2021: The Central Tribal Ministry, run under the BJP’s strong leader Arjun Munda of Jharkhand, has been given the award of the country’s best ministry. This award has been given to work for the students of the tribal community through Information and Technology (IT).  Union Minister Arjun Munda shared this achievement of his […]

Trade License Camp Will Be Held Again On 18th-19th January

Jamshedpur 17th Jan, 2021: More than 100 traders applied for the license at the trade license camp organized by JNAC at Sakchi Dhalbhum Club. The Jamshedpur Chamber of Commerce has appealed to the JNAC to hold trade license camps again. Given the application of the traders, it was decided to organize a two-day camp on […]

United Forum Of Bank Unions Called Strike On 31st January And 1st February

Jamshedpur 16th Jan, 2021: A two-day bank strike has been called by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) after their pay revision negotiations failed. The strike will take place on 31st January and 1st February. Banks will be closed for three consecutive days on Sunday, February 2. After this, the bank workers will go […]

Encroachment Will Be Removed Soon From The City

Jamshedpur 16th Jan, 2021: All the main roads and markets of the city will be encroached upon. Roadside shops will be removed.  The campaign will begin with Sakchi, Kadama, Sonari, and Bishtupur. A campaign will be started by the district administration to free the roadside encroachment in these areas soon.  Tata Steel has sought help from […]

Face Recognition Cameras Will Be Installed At 40 Places To Search For Rogues

Jamshedpur 16th Jan, 2021: Police will install a face recognition camera at 40 places in the city to search for thieves and miscreants. It will be installed at 624 locations in the city and surroundings of about 80 crores. Now the police will not charge a fine on the roadside for violating the traffic rules. […]