Bonus Agreement In Tata Steel Long Products

Jamshedpur 26th Sep 2021: Tata Steel Long Products (formerly Usha Martin), a 100% subsidiary of Tata Steel, signed a bonus agreement on Saturday. Employees will get a 13% bonus for the financial year 2020-21, which till the end of this month, a maximum of Rs 37,919, minimum Rs 24,954, and an average Rs 31,558 will […]

Tinplate Recreation Association Grade Modified

Jamshedpur 25th Sept 2021: The pending grade revision agreement of the employees of Tinplate Recreation Association was signed between the union and the management on Friday. According to the agreement, the minimum wages of the employees were increased by Rs 4875 and the maximum by Rs 5176. The average increase in salaries of employees was […]

Tata Steel UISL Employees Await Bonus

Jamshedpur 22nd Sept 2021: With the festive season approaching, employees of Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd (formerly JUSCO), a subsidiary of Tata Steel, are still awaiting bonuses. The bonus agreement was signed with Tata Steel on 18th August. As per the earlier tradition, every time Tata Steel’s bonus is followed by a bonus […]

Employees Of Tata Pigments Jamshedpur Will Get A 15% Annual Bonus

Jamshedpur 22nd Sept 2021: Employees of Tata Pigments Limited will get a 15% bonus this year. Tata Pigments, a subsidiary of Tata Steel, on Tuesday, signed a bonus agreement in the presence of senior management and union officials. Under the new agreement, employees will get a maximum bonus of Rs 51,287 and a minimum of […]

Tata Motors Jamshedpur Announces 10.6% Annual Bonus, 281 Bi-Six Employees Made Permanent

Jamshedpur 19th Sept 2021: The pandemic COVID-19 failed to adversely affect the bonus agreement of Tata Motors. With all eyes on the auto major, a bonus agreement was signed between the company management and the Tata Motors Workers Union leadership on the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma Puja. Under the bonus agreement, the employees will get […]

Employees Of Tata Workers Union Will Get Maximum Bonus Of Rs 50,793

Jamshedpur 16th Sept 2021: Tata Workers Union (TWU) employees will get a maximum bonus of Rs 50,793 and a minimum bonus of Rs 35,522. After the settlement in the union office, the amount of bonus has also been sent to the bank account of all 29 employees (27 permanent, two contract employees). There are a […]

Maximum Bonus Of Rs 33,664 On Steel City Press

Jamshedpur 16th Sept 2021: A bonus agreement was also signed at Steel City Press on Tuesday. The nine employees of the press will get a maximum bonus of Rs 33,664 and a minimum bonus of Rs 24,730. The company management will spend a total of Rs. 2,17,980 on the bonus. The bonus amount will be […]

All Eyes On Tata Motors Jamshedpur Bonus And Bi-Six Issues

Jamshedpur 16th Sept 2021: The Telco union leadership had recently held talks with IR Head Deepak Kumar at the Jamshedpur plant. Since then, talks have not taken place between the two sides. Tata Motors is the only company in town, where bonuses, as well as confirmation of bi-six employees, is the talk of the town. […]

WABCO Jamshedpur Employees Will Get A 20% Bonus

Jamshedpur 16th Sept 2021: Employees of WABCO India Company will get a 20 percent bonus this year. The bonus agreement to the effect was signed after an accord to the effect was reached between the company’s management and the employees’ union officials. WABCO management was represented by Vice President S Ravikumar, VP (HR) Joseph Panakal, […]