Banking Transactions Of Over Rs.1,200 Crore Affected In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 18th Dec 2021: As employees of 1300 bank branches of 12 public sector banks in Kolhan and Jamshedpur entered the second day of protests against the Centre’s move to privatize state-owned banks, services were affected.

Shutters of branches in Kolhan and Jamshedpur were closed on Friday following a strike call given by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU).

On the second day of the strike, the United Forum of Bank Unions took out a huge rally from Bistupur Postal Park, in which all the members and employees of the bank union participated and raised slogans against the Union Government and Ministry of Finance.

Despite this, the business of Rs 1200 crore was affected in Kolhan on the second day of the bank strike.

Sources said banking transactions worth over Rs 1,200 crore could not take place due to the strike.

Customers of these Public Sector Banks (PSBs) faced difficulties as services like cash withdrawal, check clearance, loan approval, RTGS and NEFT were affected due to the non-functionality of bank branches.

Around 800 ATMs operating in the city were also affected due to the bank strike. 

Later addressing the gathering, District Convener of United Forum of Bank Unions Rintu Rajak said that privatization is not in the interest of the common man.

He added that the central government nationalized all the banks so that the money of the common man would be safe.

But the Modi government wants to restore the old banking system so that common people take loans from banks and remain in debt burden for life.

He further said that only MP Varun Gandhi is exposing the central government.

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