Tube Makers Club Of Jamshedpur Announces 16% Annual Bonus

Jamshedpur 12th Oct 2021: Fifty employees of Tube Maker Club Jamshedpur will get a 16% bonus this year.

A bonus agreement to this effect was signed on October 11, 2021, following an agreement to effect between the Tube Maker Club, Jamshedpur, and the management of the Canteen, Hotel, and Restaurant Workers’ Union.

This year employees will get a maximum of Rs 35,324 and a minimum of Rs 20,842 as a bonus.

The bonus amount will soon be credited to the bank accounts of the employees.

On behalf of Tube Makers Club management, club president Sanjay S. Sahni, vice-president Nilanjan Biswas, secretary Dinkar Anand Honey, and Piyush Kumar, and union’s president Rakesheshwar Pandey, vice-president BK Dinda, Sanjeev Srivastava, secretary Dadan Singh, committee member Pulak Maiti and DR Mishra signed the agreement.

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