Legal Notice To Tata Steel UISL MD

Jamshedpur 24th July 2021: Calcutta High Court advocate Akhilesh Srivastava, appearing for Bhagwati Singh, an employee of Incab Industries Limited, has sent a legal notice to Tarun Daga, Managing Director, Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (formerly JUSCO).

The legal notice has accused Tata Steel UISL Company of occupying more than 3 acres of land allotted to Incab Industries Limited without permission, and the market value of the occupied land is around Rs 100 crore.

The legal notice also states that Tata Steel UISL, after taking over the said land, constructed a public road and demolished the company’s quarters, the boundary of the clubhouse, and the boundary of the cricket ground during the construction of the road.

The company also built a divider near the main entrance of the Incab Company, while the main entrance area was used to temporarily stop heavy vehicles, to check documents before being allowed to enter the company.

In the legal notice, the Tata Steel UISL management has been charged with illegal occupation of the land of Incab Company, criminal acts, criminal trespass, and robbery in broad daylight.

In the notice, the legal counsel has asked Tata Steel UISL to restore the land in the same condition to Incab Company within 30 days and pay adequate compensation otherwise, a criminal case will be registered against the directors and management of Tata Steel UISL.

The legal counsel has also complained about this issue to the Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum, Suraj Kumar.

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