Rs.27637 Cr Earned From The People Of Kolhan From Petrol And Diesel Tax In Just Three Months

Jamshedpur 12th June 2021: On the one hand, where people’s earnings have decreased due to the Corona epidemic, on the other hand, Rs 27637 crore was deposited in the treasury of the state government in just three months (March, April, and May) from three districts of Kolhan. This amount is only for the tax received on petrol and diesel.
During the last year 2020, the amount of tax from petrol and diesel in these three months was Rs 14454.9 crore.
That means, compared to last year, this year people had to pay almost double the tax for filling petrol and diesel.
Actually, in the 15 months of the Corona period, the petrol price has increased by more than Rs 23. And diesel has become costlier by Rs 28/l.
Due to this increase in transportation charges, the prices of many types of essential goods have also increased.

In Jharkhand, petrol is being taxed at 22% VAT or Rs 17/l, whichever is higher.
Similarly, 22% VAT or Rs 12.50 per liter (whichever is higher) is being taxed on diesel.
However, petrol price in Jamshedpur on Friday rose to Rs 92.09/l.
At the same time, diesel was sold at Rs 91.58/l.
In the last 12 days, the price of petrol has increased by Rs 1.09 per liter and diesel by Rs 1.73 in the city.
Apart from this, this time the GST collection has accumulated more due to the increase in the price of petrol and diesel and the production of companies has started.
Last year there was a complete lockdown due to the corona epidemic. From industry to many business establishments were closed.
Hence, the GST collection was reduced.

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