Jewellery Business of 840 Crore Affected In 60 Days

Jamshedpur 11th June 2021: In the second wave of Corona, the bullion market has been closed for the last two months.
After the corona infection stopped, the state government announced Unlock-2, then markets across the state opened, but the Jamshedpur bullion market did not get relief.
The locks of gold jewellery shops in Jamshedpur are still closed. This has caused huge losses to the jewelers.
Business worth more than Rs.840 crore has been affected in the last 60 days.
In the first week of April, after increasing cases of the corona, the government had issued instructions to keep gold jewellery shops closed. There are more than 250 gold jewellery shops in Jamshedpur.
In these, the average sale of 50-60 shops per day is more than Rs.13 crore.
More than 4500 employees and about 1000 artisans are employed in these shops.
The owners are paying monthly salary, medicine, and medical expenses to the employees even during the shutdown.
But the condition of the artisans has become pathetic. Their income is dependent on their daily earnings.
In such a situation, they have stopped getting work. Only 10% of the shopkeepers are taking care of their artisans.
While, Other big brand stores, including Tanishq, Reliance, CHD are also helping and making arrangements for vaccination for their employees.

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