Weekly Lockdown Hit Adityapur Industries

Jamshedpur 9th June 2021: The weekly lockdowns to beat the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic have deeply impacted the economy of the Adityapur industrial belt.

The lockdowns hit the production of more than 700 industrial units in this region, sources said.

With the markets closed, the need for goods has also come down, and the entrepreneurs were enforced to cut down production to 80%. It also led to vital job cuts.

Amongst the sectors which have taken the most troublesome is the automobile industry. 

According to a rough estimate, approx 60,000 employees linked with the automobile factories have lost their jobs.

Prominently, 700 factories in the belt are ancillary units of Tata Motors, and their production was reduced to 20% only with the closure of the automobile major in the recent past because of the lack of demand for heavy vehicles.

Santosh Khaitan, vice-president of the Adityapur Small Industries Association (Asia), said the requirement for vehicles picked up for some time after the first wave, but the second wave has put it to a halt. He also mentioned the diversion of industrial oxygen for medical purposes has also affected production on a large scale.

Currently, around 20,000 people, who are indirectly associated with the factories, are also living from hand-to-mouth.

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