Jamshedpur Trailer Union To Shut The Tata Steel Gate On 25 March

Jamshedpur 21st Mar 2020: The Jamshedpur Trailer Owners Union decided to block the Tata Steel Gate on March 25, seeking to increase the fairing charge for and from the works. 

The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the union president Jai Kishore Singh.

Members said that the prices of fuel, spares, food grains and vegetables had gone up and in such circumstances, it seemed improbable to proceed with the old rate structure.

Members were harassed by Tata Steel management’s insistence on raising transportation fare rates. 

The meeting unanimously decided to block the gate of Tata Steel and stop the movement of all goods from the steelworks. He said that the transport vendors would be fully responsible for the strike.

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