Privatization Causes Harm To Country: Dr. Ajoy

Jamshedpur 17th Mar 2020: Former MP from Jamshedpur, Dr. Ajoy Kumar, arrived in front of the State Bank of India in Bistupur to prop up the two-day strike of the bank employees.
Dr. Ajoy said that they have been raising their voice against privatization for a long time. The government is trying to shut down all welfare schemes which operate through the banks, whether it is a student loan, a money loan, or a woman loan.
However, no loan will be ready to the citizens from public banks. The people of the country are not understanding the problem of the farmer.
In his address, he also said that if the banks are privatized, the country will suffer a huge loss, the country will suffer economic loss. the country would have gone 200 years behind.
Now inflation has reached 6 percent, unemployment is at a peak, the government has abolished BSNL, the airport is being privatized, it is a long battle, we have to fight against it.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar assured them that he is constitutionally ready to provide all kinds of possible assistance. He said that they should file a case in court in all the districts on the affair of government. If introduced in all the districts of the country, then the government will also bring work.

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