25 Companies Which Were Shut Down In Adityapur Will Get Subsidy From Jharkhand Govt

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Jamshedpur 7 Aug 2019: 25 Induction Furnance companies which were shut down in Adityapur since 1st August 2019 will now get a subsidy from Jharkhand state government.

These companies were shut down because they were unable to pay the increased electricity bill. After the recent hike in electricity bill by JBVNL, these companies had to pay an electricity bill at the rate of Rs 6.19 per unit.

These 25 companies were hit by the tariff hike and were shut down on 1st August 2019.

On Tuesday in the state cabinet meeting, the state government has decided to provide a subsidy of Rs 1.25 per unit to these companies for the next 4 month.

These companies will now have to pay Rs 4.94 per unit instead of Rs 6.19 for the next 4 month.

Many of the company owners have welcomed this bold step and have thanked the state government but have also asked the government for a permanent resolution.

These company owners have asked what they will do after 4 months, Should they again shut down their companies?

whereas many of the company owners are not happy and take it as an Election announcement as the state election is near.

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