Footpath Sellers To Get Identity Card In Jharkhand

Footpath Sellers To Get Identity Card In Jharkhand

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Jamshedpur ,5 December 2016 : Footpath sellers in Jharkhand will now get identity card. This is very supporting steps for the security of footpath sellers.

This new approach will now start in Ranchi , Nagar Vikas Vibhag appointed Samman agency to make ID card for the footpath seller.

Samman had already done survey and prepared data for 5,735 sellers in Ranchi.

This Idnetity card will somehow provide business security to these sellers , After getting this ID cards they will be seen as registered footpath sellers.

Metro city like Delhi and Mumbai have license for footpath sellers which registers their identity , area of business and also timing for business operations which provide their business security and secure their future.

similarly Jharkhand had taken the first step by making identiy card , now these sellers idenity will be registered and they will be identified as footpath sellers.

Samman agency has already done survey on 28 routes of Ranchi and will be issuing idntity cards to 5,735 foothpath sellers as soon as they get printed.

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