Government To Take Over Bistupur And Sakchi Market And Give New Project To Chinese Firm

Jharkhand Government To Take Over 10 Markets In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, 20 November 2017 : Jharkhand Governments To Take Over 10 Markets In Jamshedpur including sakchi and bistupur market , These Markets will now be maintained by Urban Development Department of Jharkhand Government.

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The process to transmit these market to Jharkhand government has been initiated. Earlier Tata Steel used to collect rent from the shop but after transmission the rent would be collected by the government.

As per minister Sary Roy, The markets should be transmitted to government for maintenance as Tata Steel is not able to provide proper maintenance  of these markets , The markets will be managed, maintained and developed better under government .

Moreover, Shopkeepers find it difficult when they need any kind of permission for repairing or construction as they dont know about whom they should contact or where they should go for permission.

Minister C.P Singh, also demanded development of the markets , he said that bistupur and sakchi markets need to be developed now .

Earlier a chinese company named Auto House Private LTD surveyed the markets and gave proposal to CM Raghubar Das . I.I.D.C. is currently preparing the D.P.R for this project.

According to this Project Authouse Private Ltd will convert markets in to Multi Storey Shopping Complex.


Autohouse Private Ltd also proposed budget to developed these markets . Government is planning to develop the markets of Jamshedpur  and for this the markets should be transmitted to government.

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