Sales Tax Officer Caught Red-Handed While Taking Bribe In Jamshedpur

The Anti Corruption Bureau Arrested Assistance Sales Tax Comissioner Of Jamshedpur Zone  On Thursday.

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Jamshedpur,4 November 2017 : Sales Tax Officer Kamlesh Choudhry Was Arrested While Taking Bribe Of Rs 10,000 From Deepak Sharda -Stockist Of Sunshine Company,Sakchi


Kamlesh Choudhry was  caught red-handed while taking bribe of Rs 10,000 from Deepak Sharda - Stockist Of Sunshine Company.

Choudhry Demanded a bribe of Rs 15,000 from Deepak Sharda for the assesment of fincancial year 2015 -2016.

Deepak complained the Anti - Corruption Bureau about the demands of the Assistance Sales Tax Comissioner.

A.C.B set a trap around sunshine company to catch the officer red handed, One Of the Officer from the A.C.B team moved in as Sales Tax Officer went inside.

As per the A.C.B the Sales Tax Officer demanded a bribe of Rs 15,000 to clear the assestment and later the deal was finalised at Rs 10,000.

Amar Pandeya , D.S.P of Anti Corruption Bureau with his team caught Kamlesh choudhary red handed with Rs 10,000 .

A chemical test was done after his arrest and A.C.B took him to sonari A.C.B office where all the formalities were fulfilled for his arrest.


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