Unable To Start 10 Mines In East SInghbhum Of Jharkhand Because Of Issues In Registration Softaware

Unable To Start 10 Mines Of East Singhbhum Because Of Issues In Registration

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Jamshedpur,1 November 2017 : Unable To Start 10 Mines In East Singhbhum, Issues In Registration.

To Start a mine it has to be registered first, but government is unable to register the mines as they are facing certain issues in their registration software.

The registration software was updated few days ago and requires page no.2 be completed or holding number.

The mines has to be registered as they are leased through the government but due to problem in the registration software the process is interrupted.

According to the mining department, registration is not their job and they can't do anything in this case.

According to the registrar Vaibhav, an application has been written to the department to make changes in the software and discussions are going on in the head office.

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