Chamber Of Commerce : No Entry On Bistupur Main Road Is A Conspiracy To Close The Market And To Take The Area WIthin The Company

Chamber Of Commerce had a meeting on tuesday and opposed the idea of no entry on bistupur main road, Jamshedpur after 05:00 pm.

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Jamshedpur,1 November 2017 : Chamber Of Commerce Opposed The Idea Of No Entry On Vehicle After 05:00 Pm On Bistupur Main Road, Said It Is A Conspiracy To Close The Market And Take The Area Within The Compnay.

A meeting was held by chamber of commerce on tuesday in the presence of  Ashok Bhalotia -Vice President (Industry), Vijay Anand Moonka - Vice President (P.R.W), Manav Kedia - Vice President (Taxation and Finance) , Satyanarayan Agarwal -Secretary (P.R.W) and other members were present.

On This Occasion , Panda Agarwal said that this is a conspiracy to close bistupur market and take it within the company. Initially they want to damage the business by making new rules like no entry and after that they will ask the shopkeepers to close the shop and vacate the area.

 Vijay Anand Moonka said that they spoke to Deputy comissioner and got to know that this is an idea and not a decision yet, but the businessmen will oppose and protest against it on all level.

 Naresh Dubeka Said that we will oppose the idea now on and will not let the proposal appear on the paper.we have to stop it before the idea is brought as proposal .

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