Auto Driver and Barber name registered as Director of Chintu Bhalotia’s Company


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  Jamshedpur, 06  December 2016 : Chintu Bhalotia is accused of using names of many auto rikshaw driver and  barber of a small saloon as a director of his companies.

Not only this much , chintu Bhalotia is now accused of a fraud of more than 100 cr rupees and an equal partner in crime with Akhilesh Singh

Chintu Bhaloti is also accused of bringing black money in the city through kolkata, he is also accused of co - operating with Akhilesh singh in his Extortion business, He use to inform Akhilesh about the person who can give him good amount of Extortion and also gave details of their family members , Moreover he only guided Akhilesh about how to make pressure on these person to get the Money.












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