Saryu Roy : People Did Not Die Due To Hunger

People Did Not Die Due To Hunger In Simdega, Jharia, Devgarh And Gadhwa

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Jamshedpur,26 October 2017 : Hunger Was Not The Reason For Recent Death.

In a program at Project Bhawan on wednesday ,Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Food and Supply Department , Saryu Roy said that people in Simdega, Jharia, Devgarh and Gadhwa did not die due to hunger. He said that family of the dead received ration. .

He further admitted that in Simdega the case was different as their ration card was nullified due to some issues in the department over there .

But In Deoghar the Ration was provided in september however the entry was not made in the Ration card .

whereas in Jharia  family of Late Baidnath applied for Ration card few days earlier.

And even in Gadhwa , families have got Ration upto october

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