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Dr Ajoy Kumar : Demonitisation Was The Biggest Money Laundering Excercise

Dr Ajoy Kumar Announced A Procession To Demonstrate The Loss Due To Demonitisation

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Jamshedpur,7 November 2017 : National Spokesperson Of Congress Dr Ajoy Kumar Said Demonitisation was country's "biggest scam" and a "money laundering exercise".

Dr Ajoy Kumar Addressed the press in Dhanbad on Monday and announced Procession on 8th November by the congress party .

He said that today we can clealry see the loss due demonitisation,

  • It was demonitisation due to which more than 3 crore people lost their jobs,
  • it was demonitisation due to which countries GDP has fallen and
  • it was demonitisation due to which more than 153 people have lost their life.

Demonitisation only benifitted the black money holders, it was the biggest scam and money laundering exercise, three months prior to demonetisation , corporates have already deposited more than Rs 12 lakh crore in bank  .Not only this , Lands were also purchased by the B.J.P supporters in bulk in the month of October in 2016.

It was said that demonitisation will end black money in the country but 99% of the currency were back in the bank .

Moreover the country lost Rs 24,000 Crore for printing new currency. Rs 24,000 crore was unnecessarily spent in printing new notes which could have been used for the betterment of the country .

Dr Ajoy said that 8th November will be taken as a black day  (kaala divas) and processions and candle march will be conducted to demonstrate the grief of public.

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