Champai Soren: Chief Minister insulted Martyrs, Shaheed Bhawan to be Purified

 Champai Soren : Raghubar Das insulted Shaheed Bhawan , Entered Shaheed Bhawan with Shoes

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Jamshedpur, 4 January 2017 :  In his speech in Uparbeda Maidaan, Champai Soren targeted and accused Chief Minister Raghubar Das.

Champai Soren Said that Chief Minister Raghubar Das has insulted the Martyrs by coming to the Shaheed Bhawan without invitation . There is a general procedure for visiting Shaheed Bhawan, according to the rules a person visit Shaheed Bhawan after receiving invitation from Manki Munda and Shaheed Bhawan management. According to Soren , Chief Minsiter Raghubar Das has insulted that Martyr by visiting Shaheed Bhawan without inviation and breaking the rules.

Moreover, Mr. Champai also said that No adivasi has ever entered the Shaheed Bhawan with his footwear but our C.M entered the Shaheed Bhawan with his footwear and hurt the sentiments of the adivasi tribe that's why the adivasi got angry and threw shoes on him

Champai Soren said that Chief minister raghubar das has desecrated the Shaheed Bhawan and now it need to be purified

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