Asif Rizwan Khan : Will Win On All 81/81 Seats In Upcoming Election

Asif Rizwan Khan  State President(Jharkhand) Of Indian National Sadbhavna Congress  Sangathan Said That Their Party Will Win On All 81 Seats In Jharkhand

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Jamshedpur,23 October 2017 : Asif Rizwan Khan was entitled as the state president of Indian National Sadbhavna Congress  Sangathan on 21st October 2017 .

After his oath ceremony in Ranchi vidhan sabha, Khan came back to the city same day and said that he will work to make the party strong and united and in the upcoming elections their party will help the congress party to win all 81/81 seats in Jharkhand. 

Khan said that people of jharkhand are already frustrated and fed up with the governance of B.J.P in the state, Human life have become invaluable under B.J.P rule ,Earlier children died in M.G.M and now we witness death due to starvation .

Khan said only congress party and its alliance can do better to the state.


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