You Will Be Shocked To Know The Actual Charges For Driving License ,Revised Charges Of Driving License & R.C

Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways Have Revised The Charges.


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Jamshedpur,15 October 2017 : The Charges For Driving License And Vehicle Registration Certificate Have Been revised.

The Charges For New Driving License , Learner's License have been revised , the Revised List Was published By Jharkhand Government On 05/10/2017

The Revised Rates For Driving License And R.C are As Follows:

  1. Issue Of Learners License In Form 3 For Each Class Of Vehicle : Rs 150/-
  2. Learner License Test Fee Or Repeat Test Fee : Rs 50/-
  3. For Test Or Repest Test Of Competenct To Drive : Rs 300/-
  4. Issue Of Driving License : Rs 200/-
  5. Issue Of International Driving Permit : Rs 1000/-
  6. Renewal Of Driving License : Rs 200/-
  7. Application Of Change In Address And Other Particular Records : Rs 200/-
  8. Additional Charges For Smart Card : Rs 200/-

For Full List Of Charges As Published By Government Of Jharkhand on 05/10/2107 : Click Here

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